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Systematic global plan to stop genetically engineered food

Shop to Avoid, and Stop GE Food: Systematic Plan

Internet based Global plan to stop genetically engineered food!

Multinational corporations are experimenting with us and with
our food. They are
intentionally mutating the
DNA in the global food supply.
These lab based genetic alterations have never
proved safe, and there are SERIOUS health and environmental

You or your associates may wish to
become a leader in the GE food fight. Doing that is
actually easy. We have a clear plan in place and it
works very well.
Just find 3 other leaders and in this way,
you can do your part with a truly
unstoppable internet based system to halt GE food!

This plan offers a way to do something practical
about the problem both for yourself and others.
And it just takes a few minutes each week.

Please distribute this notice far and wide.

The plan is 100% anti-copyright. Everyone is encouraged to publish,
shorten, rewrite, translate, or improve the plan in whatever way
the can or wish. Let's stop GE food!

For full plan details, e-mail to
with "avoiding dangerous foods" in the subject line.

Do your friends and associates a favor by sending them
a copy of this notice.