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Re: Craig Venter creates new form of life

>Perhaps these scientists can learn from our experience with computer

Let us not forget that some computer viruses may have been done by those
to whom they most profit : those who make antiviruses programs, and those
who make computers.

In a same manner, there is a good (to my knowldge) argument
against corn resistant to pest (pyrale in my source : Confederation paysanne) :
Indeed, pyrale is a problem (minor in Europe,
but much more important (because of larger use of insecticides ?) in
the USA). But it is more a problem right now than 10 or 20 years before 
for at least two reasons :
1) the industrials of agriculture grow crops on larger areas.
2) they seem not to change enough their crops on  the succession of years.
I've been said that there is less than 10 % of the area planted with corn
in France
that is touched by pyrale and 3 to 4 sprinklings are sufficient (much more
in some places in the USA : up to 10 or 15 ?).

So, GM corn (let us assume it works and is riskless) is the answer of the
guy who raised the problem. So it is not Zorro.

You see it looks like my objection to the analogy of viruses : those
who present themselves as cops are ALSO thieves (not only).
The world is not simple : thieves are not only thieves and cops are not
only cops. But when you feel that a cop hides a thief, you can have reactions
that surprise those attached to the usual order of the society.
I think there are some political analogies too in the world order ;)