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What is decoding ?

Hi all, has quoted someone (who ?) :
>But even as they chip away at unraveling the human genome, TIGR has already
>published the complete genetic sequence of several other organisms.
I though only two organisms (worm and a bacterium) had been decoded ?

Yet, I still cannot understand what means : decoding.
The image I have in the brain is that genome is like a map of a country.
But we do not know where to drink, where to eat.

Is this image true ?

Moreover, the genome must depend on the very precise person. So 
to what extent does it change from one to the other ?

Do we know the links between the genes and the "markers for the oneself"
(bad translation for those things that make that the body recognizes what
its itlsef and the rest) ?

The amount of work before having 20% of the genes seems tremendously more 
serious than the one for reading (decoding ?) the genome. Am I right ?
But it's not the percentages of geens that are important : it's the genes.

Sorry to disturb you with such a simple question, but I'm not a biologist ;))