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Sorry, Herve, I have to object.  With the possible rare exception of
someone working for a despotic national leader somewhere, all scientists
accept limits to their power. The overwhelming majority, even in genetic
engineering, would be amused to read that you thought we had any real
power, much less that we could be compared to the Church.


>Herve wrote:
>Let me give an analogy : During the XV, XVI th century, religion had
>no counter power. These days, most scientists (and others) claim
>it was clearly an error. But in the same time, they refuse to
>be limited in their own power. They will
>lead us (and them too, in the long range) to a new form of
>inquisition that will not have the same shape as the one in Spain,
>but will be a new form of totalitarism.....

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