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Re: Mammoths

David Wengraf wrote:
It is believed that it may be possible to extract DNA from the cells and
clone the mammoths...Opinions, anyone?

Dear David,

10) Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce...?
9)  What will one of those wooly coats cost?
8)  Imagine...the keys to a Steinway from one of those tusks?
7)  Will they let mastadons in public swimming pools?
    (Probably not...they will let down their trunks!)
6)  How will you contol crazed mastadons?
    (With genetically engineered "trunkuilzers)
5)  QUESTION:  How would Dinty Moore make a mastadon stew?
    ANSWER:  Keep him waiting for two hours.
4)  What is grey, red, green, grey, red, green, grey red and green?
    A genetically engineered mastadon rolling down a St. Louis hill
    with Bob Shapiro in his mouth.
3)  What did the cloned mastadon say to the cloned man?
    How do you pick anything up with that thing???
2)  How would you make a dead genetically engineered mastadon float?
    You start with 20 gallons of Ben & Jerrys and ten gallons
of             BST-treated milk, add one mastadon.....yada-yada-yada
1)  Remember Jeff Goldblum in Juraissac Park?  "Nature finds a way..."

Robert Cohen