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Re: [interdoc-y2k 183] Re: scientist / master conductor

Back to philosophy. RVerzola wrote :
>what if we had scientists
>with evil intentions from the start

Let me give an analogy : During the XV, XVI th century, religion had
no counter power. These days, most scientists (and others) claim
it was clearly an error. But in the same time, they refuse to
be limited in their own power. They will
lead us (and them too, in the long range) to a new form of
inquisition that will not have the same shape as the one in Spain,
but will be a new form of totalitarism. Let me, briefly describe
the theories I'm thinking of : the irruption of new capabilities
by the way of techniques makes that it is thinkable to dominate
larger amounts of persons than before. Even if the kings were
bad guys, their power was also limited by their physical power.
When you think that F. Villon (french poet of the XIII century)
escaped from Paris, went 150 km away and began a new life, don't
you think that the power of the king of that time was more limited,
whatever might have been his crualty, BECAUSE of the limited techniques ?
(I'm thinking of the analysis of A. Arendth of totalitarism).

I believe that it is up to scientists (in the case of the list : biologists)
to claim, BY THEMSELVES for a regulation.

Recently, I attended a lecture where biology was presented as a "responsible 
science", arguing with Asilomar, ...

Even if there were no evil intentions, science must be a human activity,
with the goal of the populations, and not the knowledge, or, even worse,
productivity or profitability.

Do you agree ?