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Free Translation Service at Altavista (re: language on gentech)

Hi everyone,

Did you know that you can get a pretty decent translation from Altavista
For instance, you paste your text in French and few seconds later you get
it in English.
It's not perfect. Far from it!
But I've found that this free, translation service is good enough in most
emergency situation and can be a great tool for easing the workload on
activists all over.

Wishing you abundant success,

Joe Toth 

>Date: Sun, 10 Jan 1999 18:06:55 +0100
>From: Werner Reisberger <>
>Subject: language on gentech
>Message-ID: <>
>Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii
>Dear subscribers,
>please note that the language on gentech is english, neither french, german
>or any other language. If people are continuing to post in other languages
>although i asked them by private email to cease i will remove them from
>the list. If you want to avoid this and think it's necessary to post in other 
>languages you have to provide a full english translation of your messages.
>Werner Reisbertger (list maintainer)
>Werner Reisberger         public-key available:          voice: +41 1 3228069
>Kreuzwiesen 12     
>CH-8051 Zurich      with "get 0xED527449" in the subject 


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