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Date: Saturday, 9 January 1999 16:19
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In theory, yes
as it is said in your enclosure:

"a team from the city's Mahidol University wants to use genetic material from a white elephant owned by the 19th century monarch King Rama III."

In practice they will need to introduce the whole ADN genotype as it is in a regular embrionary cell or similar (fast grow tissues) into a ovocell and hope that the inserted nucleus work, something similar to the cloned ewe.

By the way we will need to redefine our concept of life, not because it will be totally new but because we have introduce new parameters to reinitiate life. Not only because of cloning, but because the medicine and pharmacology advances that has extended life further than the genotype of any individual will permit in certain circumstances. i.e. to quote a simple and common case-example:
"mothers that cant bear a child by a natural child-birth must necessary died, because since Octavious "Roman Caesar Emperor" times cesarean operation exist, and no body will admit to left a mother to be, died from child-birth because it is against some defected or malfunctioning genes that are not working at that moment in that women".
I will include a recently e-message excerpt
"Extracting DNA Samples From the Dead Has Some Resting Uneasy."
USA Today, 1 December 98, 6D.
An increasing number of funeral homes and cemeteries are
collecting DNA samples from the dead to preserve a genetic
record that could provide medical information to the families
of the dead. Some critics of the practice question whether
taking DNA from people without getting their consent before
they die is legal or ethical.

Well, there is enough material for life discussion


At 04:58 PM 7/01/99 +1300, you wrote:
>I enclose this article to ask a fundamental queation of you scientists and
>doctors out there.
>Is it really possible to clone from a dead animal? To "create" life from
>what is dead?
>Is there any evidence that this can be done?
>>BBC News | Asia-Pacific |
>>1) Thais to clone elephants
>>Saturday, January 2, 1999 Published at 11:16 GMT
>>All white elephants property of Royal family
>>Scientists in Thailand have begun a project to clone
>>an elephant from the preserved remains of a prize
>>specimen that died more than a 100 years ago.
>>The Bangkok Post newspaper says a team from the
>>city's Mahidol University wants to use genetic
>>material from a white elephant owned by the 19th
>>century monarch King Rama III.
>>Body parts from the elephant, said
>>to have been of an extremely rare
>>variety, have been preserved in
>>alcohol for more than a century.
>>Elephants are the country's
>>national symbol. White ones have
>>lighter colored skin around their
>>ears, eyes, trunks, and sometimes
>>other parts of their bodies.
>>Prized for their rarity and
>>the belief they bring good
>>luck, all white elephants in
>>Thailand are automatically
>>the property of the Royal
>>The scientists have
>>already succeeded in
>>cloning a cow. They
>>[\who've already
>>succeeded in cloning a
>>cow\] say they have been
>>inspired by American
>>efforts to clone a mammoth.
>>The 10-year project will replenish Thailand's wild
>>elephant population. It has dwindled from around
>>50,000 in the 1960s to just 2,000 in the wild today.
>>Between 3,000 and 5,000 are domesticated animals
>>The main problem has been the shrinking area of
>>the animals' natural habitat, which is now too small
>>to support them in large numbers. Even in the
>>country's main national park the herds are
>>scattered and cross-breeding is virtually
>>The long-tusked bull elephants have also been
>>targeted by poachers. Other elephants are force
>>fed amphetamines and put to work in the illegal
>>logging industry, then left to die when their bodies
>>give out from overwork and drugs.
>>Increasingly, elephant handlers and their beasts
>>are turning up on the streets of Bangkok, where
>>they make a living begging from tourists while
>>constituting an additional hazard to drivers plying
>>the already crowded streets of the capital.
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