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European Voice organizes conference on GMOs, sponsored by... Monsanto

In the latest issue of the European Voice (Vol.5, nr. 1, 7-13 January
1999), this weekly newspaper on EU affairs (which mainly targets a
Brussels audience) announces a "European Voice conference" entitled
"Genetically modified organisms: striking the right balance", to be held
on 18 March 1999 in the Radisson SAS Hotel in Brussels.

Strangely enough, this 'right balance' has to be achieved under the
patronage of Monsanto, a company which has made its survival more or
less dependent on a massive introduction of biotechnology in the
agrifood sector.

As to the program of the conference, I quote from the advertisement:

"Adressing the scientific issues raised by GMOs and responding to
consumers' concerns: Consumer Affairs Commissioner Emma Bonino explains
her approach

* The role of new technologies in 21st century agriculture: Farm
Commissioner Franz Fischler charts the way ahead.

* Weighing up the arguments: leading figures from industry,
farming, environmental and consumers groups explore the options"

The conference organizers can be contacted at:
	Phone:  +32-2-5409099 or +32-2-5409094
	Fax:    +32-2-5409070 or +32-2-5409071
	Post:	Solange Leonard
		European Voice
		rue Montoyerstraat, 17-19
		B-1000 Brussels, Belgium

In my opinion environmental and consumer groups should strongly protest
against the sposorship of this conference and very carefully consider
their participation in the event.

Please spread this message to other gentech-related mailing lists.

Erik Wesselius
Corporate Europe Observatory