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Title:  'the consumer and food:   science, safety and sense'

Date: Friday 26 February, 1999
Time: 9.30am - 4.30pm
Venue: West Park Conference Centre, University of Dundee, 319 Perth
Rd, Dundee
Course fee:  75 pounds stg.

Achieving a healthy diet is a major challenge for the consumer.  Does
biotechnology offer fear or new horizons?  Who can we trust to
inform us about what is safe?

We have asked a range of UK experts to inform professionals about
what the current scientific evidence is on food safety, food
constituents and food labelling.  Can scientists and practitioners
work together to help the consumer deal with current confusions,
mixed messages and half truths?

The freedom to eat safe, nutritious food is a fundamental human
right.  How can we ensure we maintain safety in the next century?

Topics and speakers include:

GENETIC MODIFICATION Dr Howard Davies, Scottish Crop Research

THE ROLE OF THE S.C.C.  Martyn Evans, Scottish Consumer Council

SAFETY OF ORGANIC FOODS  Dr Carlo Leifert, University of Aberdeen

FOOD STANDARDS AGENCY  Jeanette Longfield, National Food Alliance

FOOD SAFETY  Professsor Hugh Pennington, University of Aberdeen

HEALTH CLAIMS  Dr Mike Rayner, University of Oxford

A FOOD INDUSTRY PERSPECTIVE will also be presented (speaker to be

The conference is being organised by the Centre for Applied
Nutrition Research, University of Dundee.

The specific objectives of the Centre are:
- to expand consumer relevant research
- to develop research in food issues, nutrition and diet
- to develoop research programmes in partnership with government
agencies, local and national health education agencies, food
producers, manufacturers and food retailers, consumer and community
- to support and develop current research on understanding
the influences on dietary behaviour and implications for health

To receive more information, or to make an application to attend this
conference, please contact:

Anita Alexander, Short Course Development Officer, Centre for Applied
Nutrition Research, University of Dundee, Perth Rd Dundee DD1 4HT
Tel: 01382  345637    Fax 01382 200047

Alison Reid
Management & Consumer Studies
Univ of Dundee
Perth Rd
Tel 01382 345351 /  345275
fax 01382 200047