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GE Food: New Articles Posted

Dr Beatrix Tappeser of the Institute for Applied Ecology in Freiberg,
Germany, has kindly made available the following articles, which are now
posted on my website "Genetic Engineering and Its Dangers"

"Genetic engineering and the production of food stuffs: Biosafety Aspects"
by Beatrix Tappeser; 

"The differences between conventional Bacillus thuringiensis strains and
transgenic insect resistant
plants: Possible reasons for rapid resistance development and
susceptibility of non­target organisms" by Beatrix Tappeser;

"Survival, Persistence, Transfer - An Update on Current Knowledge on GMOs
and the Fate of their
Recombinant DNA" by Beatrix Tappeser, Manuela Jäger, and Claudia Eckelkamp.

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