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>  The  rapid  development  toward  the  political / environmental
>  catastrophes  has  reached  the  stage  where  only  those  
>  aiming  directly  at  terminating  the  transnational  corporations
>  are  entitled  to  call  themselves  progressive.

The  march  of  events  seems  accelerating.
Here  is  another  example  seen  on  Leftlink.

LL:Shell Head Office Occupied

UKOOA (UK Oil Overthrow Association)

News release 9am Monday, January 4, 1999

Shell: Head Office Occupied 
Activists give taste of protests to come

At 9am environmental and human rights protesters began 
occupying  management  offices in Shell-Mex House, The Strand, 
London. The activists are  barricaded  into the offices and are 
refusing to leave. This is in solidarity  with  indigenous resistance 
to oil giant Royal Dutch/Shell in Nigeria  and to give a
foretaste of direct action to come. 

Today is the first day of work in the last year before the new
Millenium. The  activists have chosen this day to send a message 
to Shell and  other  transnational corporations that 
>1999  will  be a  year of  increased  globalisation  of  protest, and the 
>turning point  that they say will see the end  of  corporate  dominance. 

January 4 is also Ogoni Day, celebrated since 1993 when Shell was
forced from  Ogoni in the oil-rich Niger Delta by non-violent mass
mobilisation. Throughout  1997-98, occupations of oil facilities by 
the Ijaw ethnic group of  southern  Nigeria have grown in number 
and degree, cutting Nigeria˘s oil  output by up to  one third. Now the 
Ijaws have told Shell and other oil companies  to quit their
land by January 11, 1999 - or face eviction by the people.
Killings by  Shell-backed troops have already claimed the lives of at 
least 20  Ijaws since  the first deadline expired on 30 December.

The protesters in London are demanding compliance with the Ijaw˘s
demands to  leave their traditional lands and for an end to corporate-
backed  military  repression. Live footage of the protest will be relayed 
directly  from Shell˘s  own offices to an internet website at
<<>> using a
lap-top  computer  and mobile phone.

A spokesperson said,  §The violent militarisation of the oil
producing  areas in  Nigeria are indicative of the global militarisation 
of commerce.
Moreover, oil  industry-derived climate change is causing more global 
disruption,  and  restructuring and oil mergers are causing massive job losses.
Shell and the  other oil transnationals are bad news for everyone  ultimately
even for  shareholders. We call for no more oil.Š

Further information is available from (+44) (0171) 561 9146
Video footage of the protest, shot inside the building, may be
available from  (+44) (0) 966 137925. You can also check out the website at

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