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Re: Should we label turkey too?

Wytze de Lange wrote:
> Very interesting. However, what the American Council on Science and Health
> apparently does not discuss is the synergistic effects of all combined
> substances in  products like carrots, onions, celery. I would dare to say that
> the synergistic effects in these products turn them into health improving or
> sustaining foods. 

Based on what? I really don't see how DNA breaking compounds 
(also found in eg. soy sauce) could improve your health even when 
ingested in combination with other toxins. 

Most people don't die from ingesting these compounds because 
they ingest not enough* or because the toxins are destroyed when 
cooked**. Persons eating unions every day would of course suffer 
from side effects.

*I know the story of a fatality; a man who ate to many almonds.
**Some people have died from eating undercooked or undersoaked 

Heine Deelstra