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How about the whole AP story? "Granada's ban was a blanket ban covering all of
its customers and did not target Monsanto specifically"

December 21, 1999

Filed at 10:29 p.m. EST

By The Associated Press
LONDON (AP) -- Genetically modified food has been banned from the staff
cafeteria at Monsanto Co.'s UK headquarters by the company's own caterer,
Monsanto confirmed Tuesday.

Granada Food Services, whose customers include Monsanto's High Wycombe
office near London, recently told clients it would not supply food
containing genetically modified soya or maize due to customer concerns.

In a statement to clients, Granada said the move was designed ``to ensure
that you, the customer, can feel confident in the food we serve.''

Genetic engineering involves splicing a single gene from one organism to
another. Genetically modified products, including Monsanto's genetically
engineered corn, have recently met with safety concerns in parts of Europe
and Asia.

In October, the European Union adopted new marketing rules requiring
companies to label food as genetically modified if more than one percent of
the product contains genetically modified organisms. Granada's statement
said the ban also brings the company into compliance with the new

Monsanto played down the staff cafeteria policy, and denied it was an
embarrassment to have a genetically modified food ban at the head office of
a company manufacturing genetically modified crop seeds.

``We believe in choice. At our Cambridge restaurant the notice says some
products may contain genetically modified organisms because our staff are
happy to eat foods sprayed with fewer chemicals,'' said Tony Combes,
Monsanto's director of corporate affairs.

Combes also pointed out that Granada's ban was a blanket ban covering all of
its customers and did not target Monsanto specifically.

``It has nothing to do with us really,'' said Combes.

Opponents of genetically modified food said they believe the ban showed a
lack of confidence in Monsanto, however.

``The public has made its concerns about GM ingredients very clear. Now it
appears that even Monsanto's own catering firm has no confidence in this new
technology,'' said Adrian Bebb, food campaigner at Friends of the Earth.