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Hi Rick,
Concerning the efficiency:  I quote the patent: "The good action comprising of a
reduction rate of 40-50%" (p.60). In the biological examples (p121-129) this is
called "improved control as compared to non-transgenic controlplants on which the
Bt proteins were sprayed, in some cases with also a dose of thiamethoxam, which had
a reduction rate of not more than 60%.

Concerning the spidervernons, I wonder why these genes get patented if they are so
ineffective?  The whole list of genes with insecticidal properties show a lot of
genes that are suspicious as far as  allergenic and toxicological potential is
I gave another example from the GE-kitchen in another message to the list.
I may write a cookbook of these marvellous new foods for the new millenium!

Rick Roush wrote:

> >Rick,
> >I'll withdraw the part of the statement you quote that refers to resistance to
> >Bt has developed.
> Thank you.
> >Indeed this can not be deduced from the patent. Nr. I of my
> >series on this patent needs to be edited. However, the patent at the least
> >shows in which way Novartis
> >is anticipating to combat upcoming resistancies, and does not exclude they
> >haven't or can't happen.
> It's not obvious to me (from what little I have seen so far) that what
> Novartis has proposed IN THE PATENT will help to manage resistance to Bt
> crops, but of course resistance can happen. Farmers using Bt sprays on
> cabbage crops have selected Bt resistance in diamondback moth around the
> world. From what little I have seen so far, I can't comment either on the
> efficiencies, and suspect the application will be challenged.
> In spite of popular belief, synergism is very uncommon.
> With respect to your "second generation-gmo", spider venoms are generally
> (if not always) ineffective if eaten, and for that reason are not good
> candidates for use in pest resistant crops.  You don't need genetic
> engineering to get herbicide resistance via acetolactate synthase because
> that resistance occurs naturally.  I can't imagine that even GE proponents
> would be interested in your plant or its spray regime of an ad hoc mixture
> of pesticides.
> Rick
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