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Re: Novartis patent "temporarily unavailable"

> Thanks, that is reassuring. It seems the server is back in action. I hope to
> have a printed copy by the end of the week. Over the next two days I hope to
> send a bit more info from the patent.
> .
> In the mean time, one more not so hypothetical "foodcrop of the future" for
> practicing the skill of foodsafety evaluation:
> -A tomato, with IR,  HR and fungal resistance (FR):
> IR induced by a geneconstruct comprising  Bt-CryIA(b), CaMV.
> HR induced by Protoporphyrinogen oxidase or PROTOX,
> FR induced by a gene construct with a gene for Phenylalanine Ammonia Lyase
> (PAL) and CaMV.
> The tomato was sprayed throughout the season with a mixture of Acilluorfen,
> Flumiclorac-pentyl and Nipyraclofen.
> Also, the seed was coated with a New! "slow release" Novartis formula, a
> mixture of thiamethoxam, pyriproxyfen, abamectin and spinosad.
> The tomato shows several advantages, one of which is the absence of an
> anti-biotic resistance marker gene. Agronomic advantage is increased
> pollination and reduced vegetative growth. Consumer advantage is a slightly
> prolonged shelflife.  We include a recipe for tomatosalad. Cut and slice the
> tomatoes, dressing of sunfloweroil, garlic and onion. Do not miss this great
> opportunity!
> Bon appetit!
> Wishing you all a great holiday season and Milleniumchange!
> Wytze
> Donna Fezler wrote:
> > Once filed it cannot be changed without a legal petition for
> > correction-takes months.  Maybe the server is down from overuse.
> >
> > Donna Fezler
> > GCR
> > Jacksonville, IL
> >
> > Dear all,
> > The Novartis patent wo9935913 is "temporarily unaivalabe". I do not know
> > if it is a systemmistake. It looks different. Maybe Novartis wants to
> > rewrite certain parts of it, like correcting the "typos" of the
> > effectiveness figures. Too bad, I would have liked to look closer at the
> > range of insects and nematodes affected by the "invention".
> >
> > wytze