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Correspondence between Bruce Martin and Dr. Pusztai

Thanks Bruce- I'm networking this one

This is a letter to and the reply I received from Dr Arpad Pusatai.
He says it all.

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Date: Mon, 20 Dec 1999 20:55:05 +0000
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Bruce Martin wrote:

Dr Pusztai

I attended hearings today in Oakland CA. by the FDA regarding the
sfaety and proposed labeling of GMO in human and animal food. I was
amazed at the way these "public" hearings were conducted. The first
panel had six people 4 were blatantly pro-industry and came from
universities that have received major endowments from Monsanto and
Novartis. the other two were outspoken about the potential risks and
uncertainties of this new genetic manipulation of plants. The woman from
UC Berkeley Dr Susanne Huttner stated that there was no difference
between the traditional hybridizations and showed the ancestors of the
modern tomato which she said was a toxic plant. She went on to say that
not a single case of harm has been recorded and that this new technology
is safe and should not be segregated or labelled as different.

In the afternoon 2 minute slots were given for public testimony. The bio
tech companies had got out their people an it was about 80% of the
comments that were opposed to any restrictions labeling or change in the
current 1992 laws that were written by a current Monsanto executive.

The reason i am writing is Martina McGloughlin from UC Davis
Biotechnology program was very disrespectful of any one who opposes GE
foods and said your study "only proved rats don't like to eat cold

Why is someone in the western USA so angry and libelous of you? She
sounded scottish so maybe you know who she is.

I am afraid the bio-tech companies have won. The FDA is so damn sure of
themselves that this stuff is safe and needs no segregation or labeling.

What is you opinion?

Sincerely looking for truth
Bruce Martin
oakland CA USA

Dear Bruce Martin,

Thanks for your e-mail.  Unfortunately, the proceedings of these FDA
events were exactly the same in Chicago and Washington and now, from your
report, in Oakland.  However, no amount of propaganda will remove the
dangers associated with GM-food.  As you said that the FDA had won.  You
must understand that this is one of the main strategies of this game.  You
must sow the seeds of inevitability of the GM-future in the minds of the
people and show that they will be powerless to oppose it.  You asked for
my opinion.  So, please, see what happened in Europe; none of our
supermarkets are selling GM-food while in August 1998 their shelves were
full.  Consumer power can be awesome and so it should be.  I am not
against GM-crops provided that they are properly and transparently
researched annd shown to be safe BEFORE they are accepted into the food
chain (including animal feeds).  The post-hoc argument that nobody has so
far been harmed in the US by eating it is a stupid argument.  How would
they know it?  Do they expect people to drop dead or what?  Is there any
possibility of monitoring like you would do in a proper double-blind trial
with drugs when most of the GM-stuff is mixed with non-GM.  I am afraid,
you (mainly the Americans) have been conned into accepting something that
is at best untested and unknown but at worst very dangerous.  What will
your children say to you in 20-30 years' time if they have been harmed? 
The long-term consequences of this technology are unpredictable and

As far as my "critics" go, I am quite used to it.  There has been so many
libellous and cruel things have been said about me, most of them
deliberately and without ever bothering even to keep up the appearance of
fairness, that what your Martina (she is most likely to be of Irish
descent from her name)  said is quite innocuous in comparison. 

Please, do not be taken in by FDA, Monsanto, etc propaganda.  Remember, if
you can be convinced this way, this is still much cheaper for them than to
do proper studies which would cost hundreds of millions of dollars. 
Propaganda must be exposed what it exactly is.  There are so three papers
on the biological testing of GM-foodstuffs published in peer-reviewed
international scientific journals.  Two of these are from me; rely on them
because these are scientific facts and not propaganda leaflets. 

Best regards
Arpad Pusztai