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Re: Novartis patents

Hi, no I should have given the description of the patent more technical in the
first message, that would have explained more. Claimed is the use of
neonicodionids on transgenic plants.
This means ANY mixture of substances comprising of nitroimino or
nitroguanidino compounds and ate least one auxiliary substance. The preferred
amount of these (nitro) compounds being btw: "1-1000g/ha preferably 1-500g/ha,
most preferably 1-200g/ha." . It also claims this for a whole broad range of
transgenic crops nut specifically mentions two crops: maize and oops, I'll
have to look that up, but it claims it broadly also for all the other
mentioned cropplants.
I will give the exact claims in a later posting and hopefully will also look
more into Table A and B.
I am personally working on a patent which I will not reveal yet, but which
will beat Columbus' invention of America.  I will make you an offer you  can't

Maroc wrote:

> Wytze,  sorry for being so thick-headed but I need some help on these
> Novartis patent applocations.  What exactly are they patenting?  Someone
> wrote that had the patent laws in Europe been the same 500 years ago as
> they are now, Columbus and Isabella would have patented America.  It's not
> a joke.
> Don Maroc
> Vancouver Island, Canada
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