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New Novartis Patents IV

As said in a previous post the "invention" mentioned in patens WO
9935913 and WO9935910 can be applied to Herbicide Resistant (HR) crops.
The patent, in Table C,
lists the different kinds of HR and the crops to which they apply.

The crops to which all HR listed in the patent apply are: cotton, rice,
brassica, potatoes, tomatoes, cucurbits, soybeans, maize, wheat,
pomefruit, stonefruit, citrus. .

The different types of HR are:
1)ALS = Acetolactate Synthase
Gives tolerance to: Sulfonylureas. Included are: Imidazolinones,
Triazolopyrimidines, Dimethoxypyrimidines and N-Acylsulfonamides:
Sulfonylureas  such as Chlorsyluran, Chlorimuron, A whole list of
sulfurons: Ethameth-, Met-, Pro-, Tria-, Cino-, Trifu-, Oxa-, Ben-,
Fluza-, Nico-, Rim-, Thifen-, Pyrazo-, Clopyra-, Azim-, Imazo-, Sulfo-,
Amido-, and Flupyr Sulfuron.
Tribenuron, ACC322140, NC 330, CGA 362622.
Imidazolinones such as Imazamethabenz, Imazaquin, Imazamethyphyr,
Imazethaphyr, Imazapyr, and Imazamox.
Triazolopyrimidines such as DE 511, Flumetsulam and Chloransulam.
Dimethoxypyrimidines such as Pyrithiobac, Pyriminobac, Bispyribac and

2) ACCase = Acetyl-COACarboxylase
Gives tolerance to: Diclofop-methyl, Fluazifop-P-butyl,
Haloxyfop-P-methyl, Quizalafop-P-Ethyl, clodinafop-propargyl,
fenoxapro-ethyl, Tepraloxydim, Sethoxydim, Cycloxidim, Cloproxydim,
Tralkoxydim, Butoxydim, Calodyxim, Clafoxydim, Clethodim.

Gives tolerance to: Bromoxynil, Ioxynil

4)IPS =  Inhibition of Protein Synthesis
Gives tolerance to: Chloroacetanilides such as Alachlor, Acetochlor,

5)HOM = Hormone Mimic.
Gives tolerance to: 2,4-D Mecoprop-P

6)PROTOX = Protox Inhibitors
Gives tolerance to: For instance: Diohenyethers such as Acilluorfen,
Aclonifen, Bifenox,
Chlornitrofen, Ethoxyfen, Fluoroglycofen, Fomesafen, Lactofen,
Oxyfluorfen; Imides such as Azafenidin, Carfentrazone-ethyl,
Cinidonethyl, Flumiclorac-pentyl, Flumioxazin, Fluthiacet-methyl,
Oxadiargyl, Oxadiazon, Pentoxazone, Sulfentrazone, Imides and others
such as Flumipropyn, Flupropacil, Nipyraclofen and Thidiazimin; and
further Fluazolate and Pyraflufen-ethyl.

7)EPSPS = 5-Enolpyruvyl-3-Phosphoshikimate Synthetase.
Gives tolerance to: Glyphosate and/or Sulphosate

8) GS = Glutamine Synthetase
Gives tolerance to: Gluphosinate and /or Bialaphos