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Re: Complaint on MichaelP


Michael does stay on topic and is therefore a responsible list user.
If you prefer not to recieve his e-mails, I encourage you to add his
name to your personal filter - not everyone elses.  A simple solution to
a simple problem.


wytze wrote:
> Guy,
> I agree that Michael send a lot of messages, but no I did not get old
> messages. I took no offense in the amount since I considered the
> substance, e.g. all that happened around the WTO in Seattle of great
> importance. Actually, I was rather happy with it.
> Sincerely,
> Wytze de Lange
> Guy Coudert wrote:
> >  I wrote the following message to MichaelP
> >
> > Could you make an effort to control what your are doing on the net.
> > Again I have received more than 140 mails dating back from august.
> > What is your objective?
> > I warn you, this is the fith time you are doing that. I can support it
> >
> > any longer
> >
> > Am I the only one in this case?
> > Do you receive also old e-mails from MichaelP?
> > Is there any mean for the supervisor to make him behave?
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