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New Novartis Patents III

First some additional information on patent WO9935913:
The claims are not only made for Bt and lectin crops but also for
transgenic plants expressing  fungicidal, nematodical, acaricidal active
ingredients  or which are tolerant against herbicides or against the
attack of fungi.

The other patent, WO9935910 is pretty similar in its claims but the
pesticides are different. In this patent pest control is obtained by the
use of pymetrozine, profenofos, a benzoylurea derivative, especially
lufenuron or a carbarnat derivative especially fenoxycarb.
Especially preferred components in mixtures are for example, Ni-25, Ti
304, Clothiamidin(Ti435), MTI 446, fipronil, pyriproxifen, thiaolioprid,
fluxofenime, imidaclopriod, thiamethoxam, diafenthiuron, diazinon,
disulphoton, furathiocarb, cyromazin, cypermethrin, tau-fluvalinate,
tefluthrin OR Bacillus thuringiensis products.

According to the application these substances surprisingly, even highly
surprisingly show synergistic effects in or on the transgenic plants.