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Re: New Novartis Patents

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> I had a look at Novartis patent wo9935913
> It states:
> "Present invention relates to a method of controlling pests with a
> nitroimino or nitroguanidino compound, especially thiamethoxam,
> imidacioprid, Ti-435, thiacloprid, and at least one auxiliary to the
> transgenic crop plant."
> Preferred are imidacloprid and thiamethoxan.
> Targets are especially insects of the order Acarina.
> Advantageous properties: extension of the pesticidal spectrum of action
> to other pests, for example to resistant strains , sufficient control of
> the pests with the aid of the composition where nitroimino or transgenic
> plants alone are entirely ineffective".
> First, it seems this is more a discovery than an invention. The
> application states that "surprisingly, it has been found that
> nitroimino- and nitroguanidino compounds exceed the Bt working of
> transgenic plants" .
> However, more important, it seems to be a cover up to hide the
> inefficiency of Bt plants and the fact that resistant strains have
> developed!!
>  The application refers to the possible components of the  compositions.
>  "the action of nitroimino and nitroguanidino can be extended
> substantially by adding other insecticidally, acaricidally and/or
> fungicidally active ingredients such as:
> organophosphorus compounds, nitrophenols and derivatives, fornamidines,
> ureas, carbamates, pyrethroids, chlorinated hydrocarbons. Especially
> preferred components in mixtures are for example abamectin, emamectin,
> spinosad, pyrnetrozine, fenoxycarb, Ti-435, fipronil, pyriproxyfen,
> diazonin or diafenthyrion.
> Also other auxiliaries can be used in the composition such as ,
> stabilizers, antifoams, preservatives, bactericides, fungicides,
> nematicides, molluscicides or herbicides."
> The compositions are pretty flexible given the following statement in
> the application:
> "As a rule, the compositions within the scope of invention comprise
> 0,1-99%, in particular 0,1-95% of a nitroimino or nitroguanidino
> compound and 1-99%, in particular 5-99% of -at least- one solid or
> liquid auxiliary."
> The composition can be sprayed, preferrably foliar spraying but can also
> be added to the soil in granular form or can be added as coating to the
> seed.
> The "invention" apllies for Bt plants and for GE lectinplants!
> But also gives a whole list of other substances, which I will give in a
> next message.
> wytze
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