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Re: Complaint on MichaelP

Hello Guy and All,

Personally, I greatly appreciate MichaelP's work.  I receive an average of 
250-350 e-mails a day, and have not found MichaelP's postings to be 
irrelevant or excessive.  There's a lot of junk on the Internet and one must 
have a very good crap detector in order to sort it all out.  I find 
MichaelP's posts to have a very low percentage of crap compared to much of 
the rest.  MichaelP is one of my tools for finding information.  A valuable 

If you don't like his posts, why don't you unsubscribe?  Or, why don't you 
screen out his posts in your e-mail program?  Or why don't you just delete 
his posts without reading them?  Those all seem like reasonable solutions to 

Keep up the fine work, MichaelP!

Sincerely Green,
Jean Thompson, Editor
Green Acre News
4222 Harmony Lane SE
Iowa City, IA 52240-9385 USA

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