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Substantial equivalence

Several articles on the topic of substantial equivalence;

(Commentary:) 'Substantial equivalence: Its uses and abuses'. 
Nature Biotechnology VOL 17. November 1999. p 1042-1043 by 
Henry I. Miller;
"Substantial equivalence is not intended to be a scientific 
formulation; it is a conceptual tool for food producers and 
government regulators, and it neither specifies nor limits the kind or 
amount of testing needed for new foods."

(Correspondence regarding the Commentary of E. Millstone et al. 
on the role of substantial equivalence in the safety evaluation of 
genetically modified foods (Nature 401. 525-526, 1999:) 
'Genetically modified foods face rigorous safety evaluation'. Nature 
18 November 1999 by M.J. Gasson.
"According to the European Commission (regulation 258/97) 
'substantial equivalence is not a safety or nutritional assessment in 
itself, but an approach to compare a potential new food with its 
conventional counterpart' "

and in the same issue p231-232 the Commentary 'Much food, 
many problems' by Anthony Trewavas including the box 'Is there a 
test for GM technophobia?' and a link to
containing data regarding the reduced application of SPECIFIC, 
highly toxic pesticides by more than 80%.
This article also deals with pollen spread by bees and wind.
****** Very interesting article ****

Heine Deelstra