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Re: Misleading Monsanto ad

Here's an example of a misleading biotech ad. I haven't seen the
actual ad myself though. I would imagine that if the Turning Point ad
is truly misleading as Rick suggests, a similar case can be brought
to a similar advertising authority in the U.S. -- Roberto

 >>Rick replies:
 >>(1) Show me such an example of a biotech ad; I have not seen anything that
 >>we lead me to agree with you.
 >Herve replies:
 >First, you know that biotech claim (and have forced the FDA to claim all the 
 >same) that GMO=standard plants. It's the main argument against labelling.
 >Maybe it has not been written in an ad. But it's precisely because it

          - Monsanto has been condemned for making 'wrong, unproven,
     misleading and confusing' claims in a #1m advertising campaign.
     The Advertising Standards Authority, the industry's official
     watchdog, criticised the firm for wrongly giving the impression
     that GE potatoes and tomatoes had been tested and approved for
     sale in Britain. ASA also dismissed Monsanto's assertion that GM
     crops were grown 'in a more environmentally sustainable way' than
     ordinary crops as unproven. (John Arlidge, Observer (London), 28
     Feb 1999)