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Re: comments on an ad of the turnpoint project

I wrote before;
> >Could you please provide me with your defenition of genetic 
> >engineering? 

Herve LeMeur replied;
> GE is a technique that enables to produce organisms that would not have taken 
> place in Nature, by the way of modifiying genetic information of an organismn 
> such a way that it is intrinsically modified (and not only some of its somatic 
> cells).
> I had not thought of it before so I do not guarantee this definition.

Unfortunately, almost all current crop varieties on the market would 
fit in this defenition as would many animals (dogs for example).
> To my knowledge, this mouse was Genetically modified so as to have  aVERY weak 
> immune defense system and not through varietal selection.
> Are you sure it was bred CONVENTIONNALLY ?

As soon as the Turnpoint people choose to answer my mail I will 
be sure 100% (now only for 80%).

Heine  Deelstra