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Re: comments on an ad of the turnpoint project

> >Well, everything I read about this subject stated that the mouse 
> >was specially bred to lack an immune system. (This is a very 
> >commonly used laboratory strain of mice).
> So do I.
> >Because 'nature is 
> >involved' it wouldn't fall under your definition of genetic engineering.
> You mean GE cannot be when nature is involved ?
> For me,  nature is involved also in pollution
> and I do not consider pollution as nature !
> Sorry, I've not understood your post.

Could you please provide me with your defenition of genetic 
What on this mouse is genetically engineered? As far as I know 
this mouse was created by repeated crossing (conventional 
breeding) and not by modern GE techniques (hence 'the 
intelligence of nature is involved' and persons like P. Ligotti would 
not object to the resulting organism) 

Heine Deelstra