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Re: B-GE: Halt to Dutch GE potatoes

Steef van Duin send me a message on the AVEBE potato.
I am afraid I have to correct the message I send. Apparently AVEBE is not going to stop but putting the development on hold. As soon as the EU becomes
more GE friendly they will pick up again. AVEBE now has a permit for 40 hectares fieldtrials. The investment in fieldtrials has been 4 million US$ for
the past eight years.
The cooperative keeps faith in GE. Too bad. Sorry for the wrong message earlier.
wytze with thanks to Steef.

wytze wrote:

> Dear all,
> In a small newspapermessage it was mentioned that Dutch
> potatocooperative AVEBE  stops its project with GE amylopectine
> potatoes. AVEBE's GE potato was rejected in Brussels one year ago and
> this year the permission to continue the "field trial" (actually a
> commercial 1800 hectares) was not given by the Ministry of Environment.
> Nevertheless AVEBE announced just two months ago it wanted to continue
> the GE project, in spite of the possibility to breed a amylopectine
> potato with conventional breeding. Apparently they now changed their
> mind and dropped the whole project. The damage for the cooperative is US
> $ 7,5 million.
> wytze
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