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Mr Greed won't learn

If you're in the U$, just remember this story when you watch items funded
by ADM especially on the Public TV channels

Agence France Presse  December 8

Archer Daniels Midland in  brit court: British mother fired for refusing
12-hour shift

A British woman is taking a US multinational company to an employment
tribunal after she was sacked for refusing to work 12-hour shifts when she
returned from maternity leave, her union said on Wednesday.

Lab technician Karen Barker, 30, was employed at Archer Daniels Midland
for 14 years but was dismissed from her job in Kent, southern England,
after she asked to work eight-hour shifts to fit in with her childcare

With the backing of the Manufacturing Science and Finance union, Barker is
taking ADM to an employment tribunal claiming unfair dismissal and sexual

"It is beyond belief that a massive multinational like ADM cannot
accommodate the needs of a working mother," said Roger Lyons, general
secretary of MSF, one of the most influential unions in Britain.

"Sacking Karen just before Christmas suggests ADM are not a very
family-friendly company," he went on.

The US company, which makes animal food, refused to comment.

Employees of some companies in Britain can opt out of a European Union
directive restricting the working week to 48 hours, which was signed with
considerable reluctance by the British government.