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Rumored secret WTO talks

Seceret WTO Talks over weekend?
by La Resiatance 2:12pm Tue Dec 7 '99

Possibility of unsanctioned WTO secret meeting continue over weekend at
the University of Washington.

Over the weekend a large amount of Seceret Service and State Department
agents were seen around the University of Washington. Also seen riding
around the UW campus in goverment issued vans were WTO delegates coming
and going throught the weekend. An anonymous source revealed and confirmed
that trade negotioations continued behind closed doors in seceret on the
University of Washington Campus. All of this activity occured after the
official conclusion of the WTO Ministerial Conference.

While their is nothing wrong with having a meeting or renting a building
on campus. Should not the WTO delegates who make decisions that effect the
world be held accountable for thier decisions? This tactic is just another
thread in the web of deception and lies that the WTO uses to conceal their
real agenda and decision making process. What were the conclusions
reached? What were topics discussed? As it stands the WTO makes decisions
behind closed doors, but what can we assume from unofficial secret talks
unsanctioned and unpublisized?