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Subject: Law Enforcement Thank You Letter

 Slade's E-mail Newsletter -


 December 3, 1999

 Washington's Law Enforcement Officers
 c/o Mike Patrick, Executive Director, WACOPS
 200 Union Ave SE
 Olympia, WA  98501

 Dear Friends:

This is my opportunity to thank you for your hard work in downtown Seattle
this week.  Washington's citizens can be proud of your dedication in
protecting both people and property during the WTO ministerial.

It is unfortunate for both our downtown businesses and the men and women
on the front lines that the city did not give you the support you needed
early enough, or consistently enough.  It should have come as no surprise
that some protesters were intent on creating chaos and destruction.  For
six months, we read article after article about the protesters' training
camps and their anticipated tactics.  In fact, the protesters told us
exactly what they were going to do, and they did it.

There are many Washingtonians who were embarrassed to see city officials
put the needs of those intent on chaos and destruction above the needs of
those trying to protect our downtown core from devastation.  It put you in
a impossible situation but you held up well.  After wearing 60-70 pounds
of riot gear for several days in a row, working around the clock while
being subjected to the taunts and insults of out-of-control protesters,
your professionalism, restraint and endurance deserves the gratitude of
your fellow citizens.  You are also to be commended for acting
appropriately towards those who wished to protest peacefully and state
their opinions.                                

You don't have to live Seattle-proper to care about its well-being.  There
are thousands of Washingtonians who take pride in this city's beauty and
enjoy all that it has to offer.  People across the state were dismayed to
see this beautiful city defiled and its international reputation sullied,
and I am grateful for everything you did to prevent it.

 Thank you.

 Slade Gorton
 United States Senator

 cc: Washington State Troopers Association, Seattle Police Guild
       Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs,
 Washington Council of Fire Fighters