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Seattle & Human Rights -The World's Still Watching-

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>From the Canadian based Student Activist Network -
More tales of horror !!
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From:          "Stefanie Gude" <>

Dear Friends,

As a Canadian protester who was fortunate enough to have spent time in the 
Direct Action Network legal office, receiving calls from some of the @ 600 
illegally detained protesters last week, I was shocked and horrified to 
learn the extent to which citizens were being denied their constitutional 
rights. Access to adequate food, medicine, and legal counsel was denied. 
People were subjected to disgusting, unacceptable treatment, including 
verbal and physical abuse.

One woman who called us had been refused insulin until she collapsed in a 
seizure, soon after which she was released without explanation into the 
'protest-free' (read constitutional-rights-free) zone at 4:30 am. Stumbling 
through the streets, she was confronted and beaten by four members of the 
Seattle Police Department. Another prisoner was stripped of his glasses, 
without which he was left legally blind, until he complied with police 
demands to relinquish his identity - something he is legally entitled to 
withhold. Countless callers had been denied vegetarian food for more than 48 
hours, until they could provide a letter signed by a public notary/medical 
authority, as well as a statement from someone who could testify to their 
genuine vegetarianism - something we all carry in our socks, no doubt. These 
are but a few of many, many terrible tales.

Here follows an articulate plea penned by the people of the Ruckus Society 
(, calling on the authorities to drop all charges against 
illegally detained prisioners, as well as to acknowledge the harsh and 
unacceptable nature of the behaviour of Seattle authorities last week in 
Seattle. Please sign and send your own copy (or compose your own statement) 
to the following addresses immediately:

In solidarity,


From: Your Name and Address Here

Dear Mayor Schell/Governor Locke/Police Chief Stamper

I am shocked and outraged to see the atrocious way your administration has 
treated the tens of thousands of non-violent anti-WTO protesters. It is 
simply unacceptable in a democratic and free society to use tear gas, pepper 
spray and plastic bullets against peaceful protesters who are exercising 
their constitutionally protected rights to freedom of speech and peaceful 

The fact that the Seattle police force continues to violate the basic civil 
and human rights of those still in custody is equally distasteful.  By 
leaving protestors on buses overnight and denying them access to food, 
water, medical attention and legal consul your police force has violated 
some of the most basic traditions upon which our legal system is based.

I demand that you immediately drop all charges against the nonviolent
protestors.  I also demand that you acknowledge that your repressive 
treatment of non-violent protesters is not consistent with the principles on 
which America was founded.