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Folk still in Seattle jail -The World's Still Watching-

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Date: Sun, 5 Dec 1999 20:03:43 -1000
From: Viviane Lerner <>

 I'd like to stress one thing: we have got to get organized in some
significant way to get the 300 [?] protesters out of jail. The way I look at
it, nothing could be more urgent than this. The analyses can wait,
solidarity can't at that point, if we want to keep this budding movement
alive. I don't really care who gets the prize for best thinking or best
mobilizing or what, as long as these people are in jail it's demobilizing
for the whole of us. Does anyone have contacts with these protesters, is
ACLU helping them, what's happening with them, we have to figure this out,
establish a connection there and put pressure where it counts to get them
What do you say?

I say I'm in total agreement - but as to who has contacts TODAY (Sunday
nite) or who will be helping them out TOMORROW I don't know without first
searching for info. I'd look first on the indymedia seattle web pages
URL: [See below for what I found when I looked !]

And as a short cut to that search I'm putting your comments out for
networking by the unlikely-suspects

Latest News:

Negotiations With City Break Off

by John Dee 6:00pm Sat Dec 4 '99

Negotiations between Seattle prosecutors and the legal reps for the
detained protesters have been broken off, apparently for good.

Local TV news is reporting at 5:30pm tonight that all negotiations between
King County Prosecutor Mark Sidran and the legal representatives of
detained demonstrators have been broken off. Sidran, the architect of such
unconstitutional "quality-of-life" laws as the postering ban, says there
will be "no deals" and "no plea bargains."

As previously reported on this site and elsewhere, legal reps for the
detained protesters were seeking a plea bargain whereby all would be
charged with traffic-type violations, if anything at all. Not too
surprisingly, given "Darth Sidran's" law-and-order leanings, this has
clearly been rejected outright.

According to televised news reports (and I welcome
clarification/correction from legitimate movement sources), the current
plan by protesters is:
* All detained protesters will now give their correct names
* All will demand jury trials
* All will individually demand public defenders
* All will demand a "speedy trial" which, if granted, would require they
be tried within 90 days

As promised, the goal seems to be to overwhelm the courts.

At this hour, a substantial crowd of several hundred remains gathered in
front of the King County Jail on 5th. According to corporate media
reports, there is discussion underway over whether to march through
downtown and/or maintain a presence at the jail.

Donations Needed for Direct Action Network Legal Work
by Juliette Beck 6:39pm Sun Dec 5 '99

Donations needed for Direct Action Network legal support. Many WTO
policitical prisoners are still in jail!

Over 700 non-violent protesters were jailed this past week on various
charges, but mainly for "failing to disperse." The jail solidarity
switched to a strategy of legal solidarity when talks with the Seattle
City Attorney Mark Sidran broke down. Sidran was not bargaining in
good faith and refused to plea bargain.
Hundreds are now demanding a speedy, individual jury trial and public
defender. The cases could be drawn out for many months. Funds are
desperately needed to provide legal support. Please send checks made
out to Art and Revolution to P.O. Box 95113, Seattle, WA 98145.
Thank you for your support.