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Date: 05 Dec 1999 17:53:00 +0200
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Subject: Friday march in Seattle

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Got this from another list, the visual picture made my

Earlier today Natives joined the march that started in front the of labor
temple in downtown Seattle's No Protest Zone.  Natives who'd been
attending the Indigenous Environmental Network and the Seventh Generation
Fund's conferences held at Seattle University went to the streets today. 

They were marching in front of the labor group when the police in their
full riot gear tried to stop them. The Natives in the front line came to a
halt, the others behind them kept drumming and singing. 

The front line Natives reached forward and tapped the police on their
helmets with their coup sticks, sticking them each three times. The police
were confused, and I think labor was a bit confused.  The police opened
their lines and the march continued on their way. I think this will remain
on of my favorite stories of the "Battle in Seattle." 

I have more stories, and will tell more if'n people want to hear them.

Thanks for listening....

LS&R, Sue
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