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RE:Don't Throw the Radicals Overboard (fwd)

I'm sharing this for obvious reasons. Read and learn !!


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Date: Sun, 05 Dec 1999 09:44:24 -0800
From: Ed Deak <>

stu sed:
>Another intersting question is how much did the protest movement overall
>cause the failure of this meeting. Given that it was also falling apart
>from inside (due to a lot of work by many others)

Ed replied:

The answer is: The same way the original MAI was shot down. By calling
public attention to the proceedings. No negotiator of any kind likes public
exposure. Virtually all union, business, political negotiations are done in
secret. Makes no sense, but for all practical purposes these negotiators
always consider themselves above the public's understanding of issues and
believe that they know it best what to talk about and how to make decisions. 

In any case, as OECD head Don Johnston and many others have declared: "All
treaties are a certain loss of sovereignity." Which menas the ultimate loss
of democratic local decision making powers and forced collectivization. The
public is beginning to have had enough of this. 

The rot has set in with the MAI. I wrote on this list 2 1/2 years ago that
the MAI was the suicide, or Stalingrad of capitalism, the proverbial one
step too far that kills all empires. Bless the idiots who thought of it.

The MAI was a godsend, as it gave notice to the world of what these people
are up to. If it hadn't been leaked, it would have been signed in April '97.
The sudden attention it received gave cold feet to the USA, the main
protagonist, so they postponed the signing by 1 year and lost momentum and
confidence. As more people in other countries took notice, France et al
started backing off, fearing major upheavals. Now they are trying to
blackmail the world with the new MAI through the WTO, bribing and
blackmailing poor countries with the promise of "wealth creating foreign

The same thing that happened to the MAI is now hitting the WTO. From now on
every word they speak will be leaked, dissected, criticized and torn to
pieces. No more secret talks. Had it not been for the MAI, even if it is
rejuvenated in the GATT plans, the Seattle meeting would have been accepted
with a yawn by the public, as the original formation of the WTO was.

Now the WTO is dead in the water, lost momentum and the participating
countries are beginning to realize that if they'd tried to bring home new
rules, or even the enforcement of past ones, as we have seen it in India
etc. they are facing major public outrage no government, not even
dictatorships can afford. Seattle was the beginning of a long series of such
events. One Belgian delegate, held up by protestors, was shown on our TV
declaring that it couldn't have happened in Europe. Like hell it couldn't.
What was going on in Geneva a couple of years ago with the police also going
wild, or in France with the farmers, truckers, etc. or in London against
Thatcher's poll tax and since then, etc. 

I would say the breakdown was caused to a great extent by the sudden shock
to the delegates that they weren't loved, their actions were questioned and
despised and if they'd agree to any minor point not approved by the public
in their home countries, the'd be tarred and feathered when they got home.
The loss of self confidence is one of the major causes for the subsequent
chain of mistakes and ultimate failure in any ruling system. 

Watch what will be happening in the future every time the WTO raises it's
ugly head.

There's an old Magyar proverb, probably also used in other countries:
"Poplars don't grow to Heaven", another one "The jug goes to the well until
it breaks", another "Slow water washes the banks away". Never underestimate
the old wisdoms. If our laws were based on such proverbs all over the world,
we would not have a fraction of the present problems. 

Cheers, Ed (Ed Deak, Big Lake, BC, Canada)



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