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Re: Bt, GE Debate v0.2, archive 2277

 >>This means that, unlike the natural Bt toxin, the Bt corn toxin is
 >>something which has never existed in nature until Bt corn started
 >>synthesizing it. It is risky to put into our gut any substance which
 >>it has never seen before, and which we therefore did not evolve to
 >>handle. In our experience with synthetic chemicals, this has caused
 >>all kinds of long-term problems like cancers.
 >>Roberto Verzola
 >But your gut has seen it before, since both full length and truncated Bt
 >proteins exist in nature.

Really? Are you saying that the Bt toxin produced by the
genetically-engineered corn already exists in nature? Where can we
find it? I would appreciate some text from literature or at least

Roberto Verzola