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Re: GE Debate v0.2

> >           - The Scottish Crop Research Institute and the University of
> >      Dundee, reported that the snowdrop lectin (the same lectin
> >      Pusztai used in his GE-potato study) can bind with human white
> >      blood cells, raising questions about safety of the lectin itself.
> >      (See: The Lancet, Oct 1999) (http:)
> I don't understand the minus sign here. ('safety of the lectin itself' as
> opposed to 'vector/construct related effects')
> Could you elaborate on this?

Perhaps somebody else could. My level of understanding is quite low as
far as this issue is concerned. I included it because it shows how
little we know about the toxins we are genetically-engineering into
foods, and that findings like these need to be studied further for
their implications to human health.

Roberto Verzola