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NZ-Oz governments out-voted on labelling of genetically manipulated food

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The Australian and New Zealand Governments were outvoted in a surprise
move by a group of Australian states favouring the special labelling of
"substantially equivalent" genetically modified food. The Australia New
Zealand Food Standards Council's controversial decision was taken at a
meeting held in Canberra last Thursday attended by the New Zealand's
Associate Minister of Health, Hon Tuariki Delamere, and his Australian
Federal and State counterparts. Not only did the 6-4 decision go against
the wishes of the two national governments but it was in conflict with the
earlier recommendation of the Australian New Zealand Food Association

Good manufacturers are warning that a decision favouring the mandatory
labelling of some genetically-modified food will be unworkable.  Labelling
activists are rejoicing at the outcome of the decision.  Governments have
the task of deciding whether to accept the Standards Council decision and,
if so, how to implement it.  The Royal Society insists that any labelling
requirements imposed must have reasonable validity in scientific terms and
not be capable of misinterpretation by the consumer.  Watch this space.

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Science and Technology Alert 61                23 December 1998

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