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comment on : Regulating plants engineered to resist pests

Hi all,

Very happy to read the e-mail of Beth Von Gunten.

Let me recall you some details of what happened in France recently (those who 
are fed up with frogs can delete ;)) )

Some associations (Greenpeace, Ecoropa, Confederation Paysanne) and
some physical persons have begun a lawsuit/trial against the governement at 
the conseil d'Etat : the highest administrative court.
They wanted to have the "arrete" authorizing three GMO corn from Novartis
to be annulated because :
1) the GMO would not have been validated as a pesticide (see why I
say all this ?
2) as a consequence of all what one may know or guess (mainly about
the gene of resistance to antibiotics, see gentech ;) ), the principle
of precaution (never juridically clearly defined), would not have
been respected.

and various procedural other means.

There has been a first "intermediate" trial that said that because of
the precaution principle, we had to stop before we knew more, and
said the court wanted to wait until mid december.

mid december : the summarize of the trial was in the posts of
Thierry. Could you forgive him : as he said, he is french ;))

By and large, the news was that :
the supreme court wanted to ask the european court to know what
were its real power(s ?). As a consequence, the suspension of authorization
of commercialization for these corns was maintained. Some comments were :
":France will lack behind the train of Biotechnologies", 
" this trial is due only to procedure arguments" ... etc

If some one wants, I could try (not so easy) to get the text of the
trial of the Conseil d'Etat.

There remains some mistakes in the articles because the journalist confound
"prohibition of commercialization" and "prohibition of growing".
As it is "prohibition of commercialization", it is even more strict.