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BIOBIZ - a new list

                    BIOBIZ - List Announcement

The new list for discussions about resistance to genetic engineering 
is ready.

The list is called BIOBIZ. The name should emphasize the core interest
behind the dynamic biotech industry: Big Business. There is a
multi billion dollar market evolving even without the consent of the consumer 
or citizen as the short history of GMO food clearly shows.

Many people are thinking it's useless to waste the time in
discussions whether a GMO should be labeled or wether a particular GMO may
be environmental friendly because it is tolerant to a "soft" pesticide.
They don't want to discuss whether a baby with an inherited desease should
have the right to live or the right for a health insurance.

They are thinking it's time to act because multis don't care much about such
debates, they even support them because that could be a good means to hide
their major activities and portray themselves as companies with a
democratic approach.

The next years will decide in many countries worldwide whether the biotech
industry can expand as before. BIOBIZ wants to contribute to the expansion 
of the resistance against this developments. BIOBIZ isn't focused only on
GMO food. Resistance against the medical applications of GM is needed as
much. The new brave world is really becoming a nightmare. If there isn't
even a clear rejection of human cloning among scientists it's not hard to
imagine what we have to expect. Related topics are eugenics, prenatal
testing, euthanasia, xeno transplantation and bioethics. It's important to
discuss the medical applications of GM because the suffering of people is
always used to justify every other use ot gene tech.

BIOBIZ is semi moderated which means, that the maintainer team could kick
somebody out of the list if it's required and that every subscription needs
a confirmation of one maintainer. Once on the list the contributions are
not overseen but we certainly will not tolerate pro biotech articles.
Subscribers should not crosspost articles between several lists. Most
subscribers on BIOBIZ will be on a list where the usual announcements and
news articles about GM are posted. Contributions to BIOBIZ should focus on
the resistance to GM and news about the various activist groups.

We will try to keep lurkers out of the list as good as we can but everyone 
should be aware of the fact that this isn't possible with an internet
mailing list. There will be certainly subscribers from the biotech industry
watching whats going on and since we aren't running a secret service we
can't really prevent it. 

The BIOBIZ list is available as normal mailing list and as a digest list.
If you subscribe to the digest list you will receive either once a day
a digest message which includes all messages sent on one day or you will
receive the digest message if the digest has reached a size of 32 kbytes.

To subscribe to the digest list send a message with the subject "subscribe"
(without quotation marks) to

To subscribe to the normal list (single messages) send the same message to         

The maintainer team consists currently of

     Beth von Gunten <>
     Eckart Stein <>
     Gregor Wolbring <>
     MichaelP <>
     Werner Reisberger <>

We are trying to deal with subscriptions requests as soon as possible but
there can be a delay of some days especially in the coming weeks until new
year. Contrary to the announcement i made earlier i haven't moved
members of gentech automatically to the new list.

A happy, peaceful and gmo free new year,

  Werner Reisberger