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Johnny's Selected (Genetically Engineered) Seeds? No Way!

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Date: Tue, 15 Dec 1998 19:50:20 -0500
From: Keith Johnson <>
Organization: The Permaculture Activist:
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To: Akiva Werbalowsky <>
Subject: Johnny's Selected (Genetically Engineered) Seeds? No Way!
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If you have already received notice of this, please excuse the cross-posting.
I recently learned that Rob Johnston of Johnny's Seeds is considering
selllng genetically modified seeds. The escape of these seeds into the
environment could have potentially devastating consequences. I urge you
to write to him immediately to express your feelings. I am BCCing this
to most everyone on my list (more than 100 people and list serves) and
recommend you do the same. I personally intend to boycott their company
until I hear of a change in policy. The Carolina Farm Stewardship
Association recently circulated a petition critical of Johnny's policy
at their recent conference and 106  farmers signed it, including Elliot
Coleman. You can email Johnny's: <>
or fax them: 1-800-437-4299
or write to:

Rob Johnston, Jr.
Johnny's Selected Seeds
Foss Hill Rd.
Albion, ME 04910

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