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Re: rr soy phytoestrogen levels, archive/492

Rick wrote:

> Dear Clive: 
>  I'll be interested to see how your correspondents respond. My 
>understanding is that standard NON-RR soybeans showed elevated 
>phytoestrogen levels when sprayed with glyphosate. This is not an 
>unexpected result since plant stress will induce such responses. The 
>question here is what happens to RR soybeans when sprayed; due to their 
>resistance, they seem much less likely to be stressed.

In fact they are stressed in a major way. What happens if RRsoybeans are 
sprayed with glyphosate is that they get a serious knockout, but then 
instead of dying like natural plants, they do recover (due to the 
alternative epsps synthesis).

Jan Storms