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Dear Friends,

Before revealing something critical to all of those AGAINST genetically
engineered foods, I find it important to state my position.

I am 100% against genetically engineered foods.  We have made errors
and our system is such that pharmaceutical companies endeavor to hide
mistakes and regulators bend backwards to accomodate those who
submit new biotech products for approval.  The entire system stinks.
I submit as evidence the gene transcription error of rbGH/rbST in which
lysine in the #144 position was replaced with a freak amino acid,

Many on this list have submitted opinions on the TRYPTOPHAN debacle, in
which 38 people died and thousands of others were affected.  I would
like to alert those people that I have evidence that might counter the
hypothesis that a genetically engineered version of TRYPTOPHAN was the
etiology of the deaths and illnesses.  I have just reviewed a friend's
paper, yet to be submitted to a peer-review journal.  It would be
unethical of me to discuss the contents of that paper.  It would also
jeopardize the potential of that paper to be published, as journals
insist upon proprietary intellectual rights concerning blockbuster
contents of each issue of their respective journal.  Suffice it to say
that I am impressed by the amount of research done, samples tested and
ultimate missing link that no other individual or regulatory agency has
previously considered.

BOTTOM LINE:  This is a warning and alert to those who make their
anti-genetic engineering argument based upon the TRYPTOPHAN issue.

Robert Cohen
P.O. Box 36
Oradell, NJ 07649