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Re: unexpected effects from GE


Not at all, we can go through the Gentech List<bigger>, that's OK for

</bigger>We might put our dialoge on it if you like, I think that would
benefit some other members of the list.  I think there is plenty to
ddiscuss on this subject.

Thanks for your kindness.

Yes I am Peruvian, working as a Consultant for Farmers and Textiles

Are you from New Zeland? My wife have some relatives in there (Benen in
Hamilton), and some in Australia. 

Best Regards


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<excerpt><smaller>Hi Cesar

this is no invasion at all, you are asking the same questions that have
slowly developed in me. I'm exceedingly interested to try and get some

Is there any reason that we can't continue our dialogue on the Gentech
List, rather than privately? Please let me know your feelings on this.

Is the "pe" in yopur address Peru?


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Thanks for your answer

Excuse me if I invade your e-mail space with my messages, but I don't
want to let this opportunity to talk with you a little more.

I knew that any objector and producer of Certified Seed for any crop,
before to express that he got a new variety, he must be able to identify
any change in one or more traits or characteristics, also he must be sure
that there are not any undesirable one; because any new variety in the
process of certification must go through some stages: Genetic seed,
Obtentor seed, Registered seed and Certified Seed. The last to be sell to
the farmers. Well at the stage of Obtentor, he needs to Register it, so
he must review the plant population and made the description of the new
type that will made it different of any of the others in the market. Then
he must Register those differential traits, after that be is able to call
it Registered seed. now he will increase it to produce Certified Seed to
be sell to farmers.

To get a new and different variety, he must know if its progeny would
show aberrant types, that is why I am surprised to know now, that there
are so many aberrant characteristics in the new GE variety types that
shows after only a few years of being cultivated. You Just told me
<italic><underline>("parrot beak" cotton bolls, twisted roots, low
yields, super fertility (of thalliana), scabby Bt potatoes, etc
etc)</underline></italic>, some of those.

That is why I wonder How many other must be in the GE medicines, foods,
etc. that will affect an anonymous human population, and it seems that no
body with authority seems to be alarmed or put restraints on it,; and
there are not any explanation from the obtentors, but silence or an
insinuation that there could be some farmer malpractice.

How it will affect pregnant women, embryos, babes, children and adults?


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<excerpt> Dear Cesar

thank you for your letter and your explanation.

Yes, and some of the pleiotropic effects are not so hidden, as in "parrot
beak" cotton bolls, twisted roots, low yields, super fertility (of
thalliana), scabby Bt potatoes, etc etc. Here is an interesting quote:


"But we realize that with any new and powerful technology with unknown,

to some degree unknowable - by definition - effects, then there

will be an appropriate level at least, and maybe even more than that, of
public debate and public interest."

byBob Shapiro, Chief Executive of Monsanto, 



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<bold>Subject: </bold>Re: unexpected effects from GE