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Re: unexpected effects, reply to Elwell

For all of those ready to tune out, I'll guarantee to stop
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<excerpt><paraindent><param>right,left</param> Clive wrote:


the first thing you do is draw some arbitary comparison, some analagy.
Comparisons can prove nothing, there is always some point at which the
comparison fails. Where is that point? 


</color>Analogies often help for explanation, that's all.



if I undergo a medical procedure, the risk is for myself.


</color>Is that right?  How about mandatory vaccinations? 

have been collecting examples of unexpected results of GE crops. They
are almost all examples which occured in the field, under commercial


</color>Send them on (soon), and I'll reply.


must say I'm suprised to see a professor doing what so many proponents
of GE do - confuse selective plant breeding with GE. You must know the
clear differences.


</color><excerpt>Normally, I'd let this pass without comment, but even
on re-reading, nothing I said confuses selective breeding with GE.



<color><param>0000,0000,FFFF</param>You may well be convinced, the
Biotech companies may well be, the politicians and regulatory bodies
appear to be convinced. But I am not convinced....


</color>And I am now sure that you never will be. 

know well the list of things "declared safe", and later found to be
anything but is enormous....


</color>And that there is a much longer list of things that really were

<color><param>0000,0000,FFFF</param>But I don't think that I can accept
any GE crop at the moment, because I see that the testing procedures
are inadequate and incomplete.

</color>What's unsafe about Bt cotton, especially compared to any
viable alternatives?


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