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Re: L-tryptophan, reply to archive 494

Well hello Jaan, long time no read. I should have expected that any
challenge to one of your most cherished stories would bring you back. 

This is a clear case of hair-splitting to prop up a story popular with
the Natural Law Party. As you yourself report, the compounds are
"nearly identical compounds. Their chemical structure is similar to two
contaminants found in the L-tryptophan linked to EMS symptoms in 1989."
Given similar structures even in the absence of genetic engineering,
how can this not make genetic engineering a less likely explanation?

Genetic engineering never was the most probable cause of EMS, and is
less so now. 

Rather than re-kindle the long debate we had on this server some time
back, and in deference to Werner Reisberger's clear wish that we avoid
technical chats that drive people from the server, at least until he
gets his new one set up, I suggest that anyone who wants further
details simply write to me directly. I am sure that those who would
still cling even now to the story that genetic engineering was the
cause of EMS aren't interested in any such details. 


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