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more on L-tryptophan

In terms of the claims made about L-tryptophan, the following is a case
in point, found on the  site
recommended by BEVERLYtang, archive 476

" In 1989 there was an outbreak of a new disease in the US, contracted
by over 5,000 people and traced back to a batch of food supplement
produced with GE bacteria. Even though it contained less than 0.1 per
cent of a highly toxic compound, 37 people died and 1,500 were left
with permanent disabilities. The government declared that it was not GE
that was at fault but a failure in the

purification process, but this new toxin had never been found in non-GE
versions of the product....."

The latter claim is now simply not true in view of the work cited in
<fontfamily><param>Times</param><bigger><bigger>published in the
September issue   of the journal Nature Medicine.