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Re: AW: Reply to KRRS & Monsanto, archives 448, 461, 462

Dear Karin:

I didn't include the whole message only out of respect for people's email
bills, since they already had the whole message. At least in common usage,
the statement "The State Government had constituted an inquiry committee to
bring out the `facts' on the alleged trial of `Terminator gene' in the
state" implies that the inquiry was to correct the public misimpression
that trial did involve the terminator, especially with the use of the word
"alleged".  In actual fact, there are no terminator cotton plants anywhere.

I most certainly have never sent disinformation to this list, any other
list, to any person on the internet, or anywhere else!  I consider your
statement to be defamatory and request an apology.


>Dear Rick,
>would you please read or publish the whole message! I send it again  in
>full length, because there are obviously some doubts, at least for the
>Indian Government. Please read the last sentence, which ist marked. And
>please, stop such sort of desinformation, sending crippled news to the
>mailing list.