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Re: L-tryptophan



At the very least, if the same contaminant can be found even in
non-engineered   L-trytophan at 3-15% of that  observed in a test on
the original product, it does raise further doubts that the cause was
genetic engineering. What would be the mechanism for the creation of 
"peak X" from the genetic engineering?  All of the previous speculation
on this, as from John Fagan, was that it was due to a tryptophan dimer
caused by increased production of tryptophan, not peak X.  Are we now
to invoke new theories that contradict Fagan to maintain the story that
GE was the cause?


I read the research.


<paraindent><param>right,left</param>Are you suggesting that the
results disprove the claim that it was the genetic engineering that
caused the deaths and illness?


<paraindent><param>right,left</param>Even if low levels of the toxin
are often present in the non-GE product, what is the evidence to say
that the GE process didn't seriously increase the level of toxin?


<paraindent><param>right,left</param>Clive Elwell