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Press Release on GMOs: Hungary

  	 	or "If it ain't broken, don't fix it"
  Hungarian protestors once again took to the streets on the afternoon of 
  November 18th, in front of the Ministry of Agriculture, while inside, 
  government authorities were drafting the final implementation legislation 
  for the Hungarian genetic engineering law (coming into force January 1, 
  Approximately 30 environmental activists from five NGOs (including 
  ELTE Nature Conservation Club and Energy Club) inflated a 6-meter 
  high helium balloon of a corncob with bar-code, in front of Parliament and 
  across from the Ministry of Agriculture. The demands were simple:
  The gathered organizations, echoing the European Parliament 
  Environmental Committee's vote on October 12, demanded a full MORATORIUM on
  the growth, use, and importation of genetically-modified organisms (plants 
  and animals) and foodstuffs in Hungary. This moratorium should stay in place 
  until such time as it is proven that genetically-modified organisms are safe
  for human consumption and the environment. 
  Genetic engineering of food is unnecessary, unsafe and unwanted, Consumers, 
  religious organizations, environmental groups across the globe, royalty such
  as Prince Charles, and governments such as Austria, France, Greece, and 
  Luxembourg have widely rejected the intruroduction of genetically modified 
  organisms into our food and our environment. 
  For more information please call: Veronika Mora 36-1-466-8866 or 36-1-209-
  5624. E-mail: